Prilyx has expertise in developing and implementing customized tracking systems based on client requirements. We can optimize existing client systems by utilizing various technologies, such as passive/active RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wi-Fi and Ultra-Wide Band (UWB).

Prilyx has the capability to track spectators in major events using low cost RFID tags. At the First European Games in Baku, 2015 we deployed a RFID system that allowed us to track and locate each of the attendees at the event. Our spectator tracking systems issue alerts based on unauthorized entries/exits in major venues, as well as stadiums and convention centers, to redirect subjects based on traffic flow heat maps.  We also provide our clients with guard tracking and automated dispatching capabilities for a complete security solution.

Other key applications include tracking of supply chains, inventory, retail goods, spectators, as well as access control and zone control.


Passive RFID location tracking communication is in UHF frequency band and uses extremely low cost tags to track people and objects.


WiFi location tracking is used to track the location of connected smart devices (smart phones, laptops, and smart watches) within a covered region.


Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE has the lowest installation cost for location tracking and uses inexpensive tags for tracking people and objects.


Ultra-Wide Band is the most accurate location system Prilyx offers that uses 3 to 5 GHz frequency band. This system allows for tracking people and objects down to 10 cm.

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