DropDesign is a web-based service that provides detailed engineering specifications and system designs for implementing security technology in your premises.

The installation of RFID systems, video surveillance, and biometric security are complex and expensive. With DropDesign, you can send us your project data online, and we will provide you with what is needed to efficiently deploy your system. 

How to Use DropDesign

In DropDesign, you can describe your project with uploaded photos, blueprints, diagrams, and hand-drawn sketches. Prilyx reviews your information and provides you with a customized quote within two business days. Once provided quote’s approved, our team of experts will electronically deliver a customized, detailed engineering specification, system design document, procurement checklist, and installation guide. DropDesign will enable you to have an effective and efficient security technology design, reducing the amount of time and money normally expended to implement complex security technology.

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