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We are looking for an intermediate- level C++ developer with experience in computer vision and machine learning. You would be working closely with the development and R&D teams.


  • Full time


  • Work closely with CTO to determine the product requirements
  • Help develop C++ applications that will be used in production scale
  • Work with the engineering department on delivering integration projects
  • Assist the R&D department in research, development and testing
 Ideal Candidate:
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in developing enterprise level C++ applications
  • Strong computer science background with a passion for problem solving and conducting scientific research
  • Working knowledge of image processing and computer vision libraries
  • Willingness to work weekends and to put in long hours

Required Skills:

  • Advanced understanding of C++ (OOP, C++11, templates, Cmake)
  • Intermediate understanding of real time image processing in C++ (ie. rapid resizing, grayscaling, etc.)
  • Intermediate understanding and experience in image processing libraries such as DLIB and OpenCV
  • Intermediate understanding of TCP/UDP applications in C++ (multi client/multi server, multi threaded)

Desired Skills:

  • Intermediate understanding of h.264 codecs in C++
  • Intermediate understanding of using GPU (CUDA) in image processing libraries such as DLIB and OpenCV
  • Intermediate understanding of convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and how they are used in image processing
  • Intermediate understanding of authentication and encryption libraries in C++
If you are interested to join us please submit your resume to

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