At Prilyx, we are experts at implementing biometrics into your IT security solution. Our goal is to maximize identity management and provide the most reliable insights to cater to your business needs, generating actionable intelligence. Biometrics is the most reliable use of subject identification and verification; using advanced technology accumulating and determining unique real-time insights.

Prilyx has the capability to deploy full face recognition interoperability across videos, images and live feed systems. Our solutions enable our customers to search for and identify persons of interest. Subjects are fluidly integrated into a single profile, and videos are stitched together from multiple sources to generate a single video of the subject. we also integrate other biometric methods such as audio, fingerprint and iris recognition, into custom solutions.

Facial Detection [FD]

Prilyx uses inhouse built algorithms to detect faces in images, video, live streams, and H264 IP camera streams.

Our facial detection algorithm returns the coordinates of detected faces.

Facial Recognition [FR]

Identification of individuals by comparing their face to a profile database is facial recognition.

At Prilyx, we use custom algorithms to match faces to a database or watchlist of individuals.

Emotional Detection [ED]

Our custom algorithms are also capable of extracting facial features and expressions that is used to determine emotion.

This feature is an add-on option to our product suite.

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